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Aya provides Reiki treatment or a fusion of massage and Reiki Therapy for women, which can be combined with Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, and Cupping. The treatment for each client is determined by a free consultation to evaluate the most effective approach, depending on body condition & need.


Whole-body massage with Reiki.

1 hour 30 mins:                  £80

2 hours:                             £95

*Pregnancy massage is also available (past 1st trimester)

Reiki Treatment  

1 hour 30 mins in-person       £75

           Distance treatment.      £65 

    (*2 hours session is possible too ) 

Oncology massage with Reiki 

(please contact for the details) 

*Gift vouchers are available 

Therapeutic Massage: Welcome

Aya is the best masseuse I have ever had. She’s a great listener, super knowledgeable and always a joy to be around. A treatment from Aya is always a trip to a zen-filled paradise. Highly recommend!”

Aya’s massage can only be described as magical. She has a detailed understanding of the human body and an ability with energy flows which many claim but few really understand. She combines this with her warmth and patience for an incredible, healing experience.



Therapeutic Massage: Testimonials
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