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Aromatherapy Oil

We sell blended oils for you to use at home to look after your emotions.
There are 2 types of blended oils.  The general blends for general usage and custom-made blends for specific needs.

General Blends

Immune System Booster 

(Thyme, Chamomile base) 

For Menopause

(Basil, lavender base)

For period pain 

(Clary Sage, Geranium base) 

For Relaxing   

( Geranium, Patchouli base)

For Uplifting 

( Orange, Grapefruit base )  

For Concentration

(Rosemary base )

For Sleeping better  

(Lavender, Cedarwood base) 

For Sadness 

( Rose, Blue Cypress base) 

I use 100% natural & organic products 

Price £17- £18 (depending on the mix) + postage

Custom-made Oils For Specific Needs

Will blend some oils after personal consultation.

Online consultation £30 for 60 minutes or email consultation 

Bottle of oil £18 + postage

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Aromatherapy Oil: Welcome

I've been a client of Aya's since 2014. Aya launched a range of Home Aromatherapy oils because of the pandemic. I'm a huge fan and have been using them regularly. They've helped me relax, feel positive, boost my immune system and have helped me get a good night's sleep, something I've struggled with particularly during lockdown. It's been wonderful to get a full night's sleep and feel refreshed in the morning.

Aya is very lovely and caring. I have been taking her aromatherapy oil for a few months now and I can see a difference. As I'm suffering from endometriosis. I can see that my period pain has improved and also headache, which I used to have every time before my period. Try this natural magic! :) You will not be disappointed.



Aromatherapy Oil: Testimonials
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