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Bach Flower Remedy: Welcome

Bach Flower Therapy

The Bach Flower Remedies are natural remedies made of wildflowers and trees.
They take away negative emotions and make you feel happier and balanced.
Remedies were discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1930s.
They are safe to use for the elderly and for babies.

Bach Flower Remedy can treat, for example: 

Being unable to sleep due to merry-go-round of thoughts  

Having fear & anxiety  

Struggling with a change in circumstance  

Lacking confidence & direction  

Being irritated & impatient, intolerant of the habits of others  

Trauma and grief


How to treat your condition: 

1-hour online consultation  

Mix suitable remedies in a bottle

Post it by first class post 

Follow up advice after a few weeks


Special Promotion Price: £​45

(inc the consultation, treatment bottle ) 



I had a fear issue.  I always used to think in a very negative way, I also had PMS and was not sleeping well… Aya mixed the remedies for me after the consultation and I noticed the difference within a few days.    My family also noticed that I became much happier.  I didn’t expect the remedy to work so quickly!  I am so happy that I found Bach flower remedy.

I had suppressed anger problems and felt like people mistreated me.  Also, I could hardly sleep as all the problem was pilling up on me.  I got in contact with Aya and after an hour-long talk, she made me a remedy. After a week, I started to feel calmer.  The 2nd week, I felt more rested and I was sleeping better and my anger disappeared and I felt like my old self.

I strongly recommend Aya.  Thank you so much YOU ARE A REAL LIFESAVER



Bach Flower Remedy: Testimonials
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